Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a sub-discipline of jaw surgery and deals with surgical procedures involving the jaw or periodontium.At our Dental Planet dental practice in Rojales, Spain, we offer a wide range of outpatient oral surgery.

We perform the following oral surgical procedures in our dental practice:

Wisdom teeth extraction
Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth can be performed under local or general anesthesia.
Removal of wisdom teeth may be appropriate if they cause pain,
are carious (according to radiological findings)

It is necessary to create more space in the oral cavity for orthodontic reasons,
the wisdom tooth does not have enough space and other teeth could shift or develop inflammation,
the wisdom tooth is crooked and could cause a problem with the treatment of periodontitis,
Wisdom teeth put pressure on the nerves (especially in the upper jaw) and cause headaches, tinnitus or pain in the jaw joints.

Extraction of anterior and posterior teeth, extraction of teeth.
Teeth that are severely damaged and can no longer be saved by root canal treatment can often no longer be easily extracted by the dentist. In such cases, an oral surgeon is usually consulted. He specializes in extracting crooked, crumbling or broken teeth under general anesthesia.

Placement of implants (artificial dental roots) – implantology
Bone construction (augmentation): reconstruction of bone material prior to implantation, if indicated.
Implantation of an artificial tooth root (implant).
Sinus lift : creation of a “pocket” in the jaw into which bone replacement can be placed.
Removal of bone from the jaw for transplantation to another location (usually to stabilize an implant).

Root tip resection in the anterior tooth region (WSR)
If a front tooth that has already undergone root treatment becomes infected at the root tip , a root tip resection (WSR) is usually the only possibility to save it. During this procedure, the oral surgeon removes the tip of the tooth root.

Removal of abscesses in the gum or jaw area.
The oral surgeon can remove abscesses (inflammation, swelling, pus formation) in the gums or jawbone and usually treat them successfully.

Elimination of cysts in the jaw.
Cysts in the jaw should definitely be removed, as they can affect the structure of the surrounding jaw, neighboring teeth and periodontium and can also cause misalignment of the teeth.

Removal of foreign material in maxillary sinuses.
If root debris gets into the maxillary sinus or if the root filling is not performed correctly, this foreign material can become infected. In such a case, the oral surgeon opens the jaw wall and removes (cleans) the foreign particles.

Oral surgical procedures for dental accidents or trauma to the front teeth.
It is extremely important to reattach the damaged tooth as quickly as possible after a dental accident (e.g., loss or damage of a tooth during a sports, automobile or motorcycle accident) or even reimplant it if it is lost. Front teeth that have loosened due to a dental accident can be stabilized, splinted or splinted.