The central concern of our dental practice team is that our patients receive optimal dental care and feel comfortable in our practice. That’s why, in addition to specialized expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer our patients additional services that go beyond the usual range of dental services.
We want your stay to be as pleasant and successful as possible.

Insertion of 14 implants in ONLY 90 minutes
Fixed prosthesis in the lower jaw without bone formation, even if you have been told that the bone is inadequate (American model).
Measurement of the jaw joint for larger restorations to prevent emerging damage or correct old damage. Neck pain, back pain, headaches, etc. are usually caused by problems in the jaw joints.
Estimation of the increased risk of heart attack and stroke due to periodontal disease using a bacteriological test in a Swiss institute with subsequent treatment
Telescopic rails made of ceramic instead of gold or other metals
Bone density measurement for risk assessment in implant dentistry.

Removable prostheses made entirely of ceramic.
Extreme radiation reduction using digital X-rays
Particularly sensitive and painless treatment for anxious patients
Excellent value for money, affordable dentures.
We want you to be fully informed. Therefore, we discuss the details of preventive measures or treatment options with you in our meeting room.
Multilingual practice team, so that we can help English, Italian and French patients, as well as Spanish and German patients.
Relaxing, friendly and familiar practice environment.