At the reception desk we usually ask for a price list. For this reason, we have created a general list of the most important services as a guideline. It is important to us that you make the best informed decision regarding your teeth. Depending on what you value, whether it is economical care, comfort, longevity, esthetics, minimally invasive or tooth preservation, today’s dentistry offers many options to meet your personal needs. We will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each solution during a consultation. Then you will make your decision with good advice.

We can offer economical and high quality crowns to make. For example, you can pay 290 € for a crown, or 590 €. However, that does not mean that the higher quality version is too expensive. It is more a question of “equipment”. Nor does a Ford Fiesta cost the same as a Mercedes S-Class. These differences exist in dentistry as well as in automobiles. Unfortunately, in dentistry it is not possible to “prove chewing”. However, the differences can be explained very well in a consultation. There is one thing you should always keep in mind: anyone can work for little money (including us). But can they all do high quality work? The S-Class in the mouth at a fair price: that’s Dental Planet.

Examples of our prices
We offer you an affordable first consultation for only 70€ (including a digital panoramic image).

Dental implant : 1.650€ – this price includes full ceramic crown
Zirconium crown from 490€.
Esthetic zirconia (for anterior teeth): 590€.

Information for patients living in Germany:
For German patients, the quotation and invoice are prepared according to GOZ. The reimbursement of expenses is the same as in Germany.

How should I proceed before traveling?
Have a treatment and cost plan prepared in Germany.
Apply for health insurance subsidy.
Ask for our prices (by email or fax).
Send a sample health insurance form to our practice and fill it out.
Send the cost estimate to the health insurance company for review.
Travel book.
Pay yourself on site.
Have the health insurance company in Germany reimburse you for the subsidy along with the bill (minus the 12 percent, maximum administrative fee of 55 euros).

Warranty on dentures
4-year warranty on crowns and bridges
4-year warranty on removable prostheses

As mentioned above, we can only provide a valid cost estimate after a detailed consultation or examination.
If you have any further questions about our prices or costs, our receptionist will be happy to help you.