3D Implantology

Computer-assisted or computer-navigated implantology (3D implantology) is becoming increasingly important and contributes greatly to making implantology even more precise.

In our dental office we work with computed tomography (CT), especially in complex cases. The advantage of these 3D images is the possibility to see neighboring dental structures at risk (= maxillary sinus, nerve in the lower jaw, possible bony retractions) much more accurately than would be possible with a 2D image. This significantly minimizes implementation risks.

The special 3D software “Sim Plant” makes it possible to determine the optimal position of each individual implant, taking into account the existing bone material. Neighboring structures at risk and the posterior position of the denture or prosthesis can also be determined.

The 3D software simulates the ideal position of the implants and the ideal shape of the prosthesis.
The ideal load distribution of the chewing surface is then calculated, and
The position of the implant in relation to the maxillary sinus is determined.

Based on our digital planning, Materialize Dental in Belgium manufactures a drilling template for implants. This implant drilling template can be used to ensure that implants are placed exactly where they were planned. This way we can guarantee 100% that the planning will be perfectly implemented.

An implant simulation with computer-aided or computer-navigated 3D software to determine the optimal position of each individual implant.
After checking the initial situation and discussing it with the implantologist, 3 surgical drilling templates are created.

The planning of dental surgery is done, so to speak, by computer, which makes implantology much safer, predictable and therefore less traumatic. In many cases the scalpel can be dispensed with or the procedures can be much smaller than is possible with conventional methods.

During a follow-up examination, the position of the implants will be rechecked.
This photo shows the final result: perfect implants that are indistinguishable from your own teeth.