Our dental clinic Dental Planet offers a perfect combination of dental esthetics and dentistry in the field of implant dentistry combining the following 5 advantages:

Our implantologist is one of the most experienced and prestigious implantologists in Spain.
We implant using computer-assisted (computer-navigated) implantology,
Our dentist and his German laboratory manager are specialized in the field of prosthetics and dental prosthetics. Implant-supported ceramic crowns, ceramic bridges, partial and complete dentures are manufactured and used with the strictest esthetic and quality requirements.
And all this with an excellent quality-price ratio.
This combination makes our dental clinic unique in Spain and guarantees a high quality result, both dental and esthetic. Considering the very affordable prices, this combination may even be unique in all of Europe.

What are implants?
Implants replace the missing tooth root and are inserted (implanted) into the jawbone in place of the previous tooth root. This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The implant must then heal, which takes approximately 2 to 6 months, before a crown or bridge can be placed over the implant. In some cases, even immediate treatment with a very short healing time is possible. We will be happy to check for you if this is possible in your case.

Dental implants offer a very elegant solution to the following dental problems:
Missing a single tooth (closing the space between teeth) so that the entire jaw is not deformed and/or for esthetic reasons in the area of the front teeth.
Several teeth missing in a row of teeth – as a support post for a bridge
Absence of posterior molars, as a support post for a bridge or partial denture.
Edentulous mandible : series of implants used to support a complete fixed denture.

A space in the teeth before being replaced by an all-ceramic implant.
Once the implant has been inserted and healed, the so-called abutment is placed, which represents the connection between the implant and the replacement tooth (crown).
Finally, a zirconia crown is placed on the all-ceramic implant.

1. Expert in implantology – Dr. Álvaro Farnós Visedo
With the implantologist Prof. Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo (Loma Linda University, CA, USA), we have in our team one of the most recognized implantologists in Spain, who teaches at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, Spain. Not only does he place about a thousand implants every year, but he also teaches other dentists how to implant correctly and, above all, how to achieve a perfect result in highly complex cases.

Their extraordinary knowledge and skills enrich our practice and thus provide our patients with the assurance that they are guaranteed to receive a perfect, esthetic, functional and highly professionally placed implant.

2. Computer-assisted implantology/computer-navigated implant dentistry
A very interesting area in the field of implant dentistry is computer-assisted/computer-navigated implantology. We work with computed tomography (CT) in complex cases. A 3D image of this type makes it possible to see nearby dental structures at risk (= maxillary sinus, nerve in the lower jaw, possible bony retractions) much more accurately than in a 2D image. With the special 3D software “Sim Plant” we can precisely plan the optimal position of each individual implant, taking into account sufficient bone availability, neighboring structures at risk and the posterior position of the denture or prosthesis. Our digital planning is then converted into a Materialize Dental template.

manufactured in Belgium. This drilling template ensures that the implants are placed exactly where they were planned. This means that we can guarantee 100% perfect implementation of the planning.

Dental surgery is performed, so to speak, on the computer. This makes implant dentistry much safer, more predictable and therefore less traumatic. In many cases this means that the scalpel is not necessary or that the procedures are much smaller than with conventional methods.

This method allows the implantation surgery to be performed much faster than without a drilling template. For example, an 8-implant operation on one jaw can now be performed in 30 to 60 minutes.

An implant simulation with computer-aided or computer-navigated 3D software to determine the optimal position of each individual implant.
After checking the initial situation and discussing it with the implantologist, 3 surgical drilling templates are created.

3. Specialist in dental prosthesis
Our Dental Planet clinic manager is personally responsible for diagnosis, consultation and treatment planning. His experience and expertise in the field of implant-supported prosthetics (crowns, bridges), as well as partial and complete dentures, contribute significantly to high quality and compliance with the highest esthetic standards. He takes personal care of each patient and discusses each individual case with his German laboratory manager.

4. Excellent price-performance ratio – very low implant costs – very economical quality implants.
With this combination of benefits, one would think that the cost of our implants would be very high. Otherwise. Our prices are, with comparable or even higher quality, up to 75 % cheaper than the prices charged by good implantologists in Germany or England.